About me

I make the most of every day and love to create my life.



Nice to meet you! On this page I show my favorite artworks that I made in my spare time.

My work

Some of my works in the portfolio I sell on request. It is best to contact me personally.

Made to measure

I would be happy to bring your desired subject on canvas. Whether portraits, animals or plants – I look forward to any new challenge.

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Painting is my passion. Some of the paintings below are waiting for a new home.

Lara Steiner


I paint with acrylics on canvases up to 100 x 100 cm. On request, I also produce realistic and abstract paintings with watercolours, pencil, coloured pencils or charcoal.


I am happy to take the time to create an individual work based on your needs and wishes for your four walls, after consultation with you.


Whether it’s a favourite animal or an instrument: I create your individual and customised picture. The sparkle in the eyes of the recipient is priceless.


Pius I.

I have turned my passion into a profession and am infinitely grateful to Lara for honouring this new phase of my life..


Markus B.

In memory of our late O'Conner, I commissioned Lara to reinterpret my favourite photo. Since then, her work has reminded us of our beloved companion every day.


Michi P.

For my 30th birthday, Lara immortalised my beloved "Record Ländlerperle". This instrument means an incredible amount to me.